ias_request – Submit Intel Attestation Service request


ias_request COMMAND [OPTION]…


ias_request submits requests to Intel Attestation Service (IAS). Possible commands are retrieving EPID signature revocation list and verifying attestation evidence for an SGX enclave quote.

Command line arguments

General options

-h, --help

Display usage.

-v, --verbose

Print more information.

-m, --msb

Print/parse hex strings in big-endian order.

-k, --api-key

IAS API key.



Retrieve signature revocation list for a given EPID group.

Possible sigrl options:

-g, --gid

EPID group id (hex string).

-i, --sigrl-path

Path to save retrieved SigRL to.

-S, --sigrl-url

URL for the IAS SigRL endpoint (optional).


Verify attestation evidence (quote).

Possible report options:

-q, --quote-path

Path to quote to submit.

-r, --report-path

Path to save IAS report to.

-s, --sig-path

Path to save IAS report’s signature to.

-n, --nonce

Nonce to use (optional).

-c, --cert-path

Path to save IAS certificate to (optional).

-a, --advisory-path

Path to save IAS security advisories to (optional).

-R, --report-url

URL for the IAS attestation report endpoint (optional).